These days, we’re spending a lot of time at home. Partially because it won’t stop snowing and partially because we’re sticking to a strict budget and saving our pennies. I apparently have a Pavlovian response to the words “free entertainment” lately too.

Anywho, because we’re trying hard to budget and scrimp and save, I’m trying to take pleasure in the little world of home. I can’t paint the walls or get rid of the hideous countertops and flooring in the kitchen, but I can enjoy this little house for what it is: where I hang my hat, where I rest my rump, where my kitties purr before the fire, where my little boy’s laughter rings through the living room. It’s well insulated and affordable. Until that much-looked-forward-to day in the future when we can purchase a home, this little rented cottage on top of the mountain does nicely.

Bedroom cornerSimple pleasures of home lately:

A colorful quilt made by my grandmother on the bed
My favorite pictures on the walls
Enjoyable books on the nightstand
Bright sunlight streaming through the windows
Freshly cut and stacked wood for our wood stove

Wood pileI’ve always thought that kitties around the house make the house feel more cozy and homey. Here’s a gratuitous picture of my pretty kitty, Pele (named for the Hawaiian fire goddess, not the soccer player).

PeleOne thing I’m dreaming about these days is the garden we’re going to have this summer. Salad greens, beans and peas, garlic, carrots, tomatoes… Is it June yet? Not even close on the mountaintop, unfortunately. We’ve had a very snowy winter. Here’s our backyard currently (please ignore the weeds… we moved to this house in December so I take no responsibility for the shoddy yard keeping of past tenants):

Big snowSnow, snow and more snow. It is beginning to get just the teeniest bit old (especially when it takes an hour and three different attempted routes to get up the hill and home because the roads are so snow-packed and slick).

Couch fortHere at home, we’re enjoying building couch forts.

SoupAnd making delicious, nutritious meals from scratch.

MogwogAnd how cute this little mogwog is.

(Side note: Did you ever read “Mogwogs on the March” as a child? I have very fond memories of that book. It’s fun to read that book to my own child now. You can check it out here, and no, that is not an affiliate link.)

And when we do get a touch of cabin fever, we go on long walks around town and enjoy the view.

Snowy big butte


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