“Ist der Schnee!” is a phrase my mom always said with delight whenever it snowed. Our family has some German heritage (my great-great-grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Germany during World War I), and she remembers her great-grandfather saying “Ist der Schnee!” (“It’s snowing!”) when she was a child.

There has been a lot of snow happening in this part of the world the past few days. The pretty white stuff is coming down now, and has been since about 7 a.m. It’s gotten lighter as the day goes on, but it’s still beautiful to watch from the living room window.

I don’t have much else to say about the snow (other than I love it), but here’s a few snowy pictures I’ve taken during the past week.

Snowy logs

Our log pile is snow covered, and while it’s rather quaint looking, it does mean we have to bring wood into the house several days in advance of using it to dry it out. On this summer’s checklist for next winter prep: buy a big tarp to cover the wood pile. Also on that list is chopping lots and lots of wood. It’s by far the cheapest way to heat one’s house through the snowy Montana winter — with a $20 permit you can chop up to 12 cords of wood in the surrounding national forest. Twelve cords is a TON of wood.

Flint Creek Valley barn

And here’s what I think is a very picturesque barn in the Flint Creek Valley near Philipsburg, Montana. We went to PBurg on a boondoggle this weekend while my husband’s folks were in town. Isn’t that barn just lovely? We all agreed this little scene just screams “Montana.”

Are you enjoying the snow too? Or can the summer not get here fast enough for you?


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