Seems like I’m always choosing between a nap and everything else. Sometimes it’s between a nap and the next few rows of knitting. Sometimes it’s between a nap and putting up a blog post. And sometimes, like today, it’s between cleaning and a nap.

There are times that nap is sure to win. I think naps are totally healthy and great on the weekends. When I was a new mom a few years ago, naps trumped everything, even bathing. I think most new moms feel that way! With a little one running around the house, busy as can be, it’s hard (sometimes even impossible) to get things like cleaning (or having one iota of time to do something fun that I want to do) done. My son is at the age where not only is he into everything, he wants me right there playing with him all the time. And most of the time, that’s fine. It’s super important to play with my son and it’s fun. Except when it’s boring… I read a blog post recently by a mother who put it perfectly: being a mother is incredibly joyful and incredibly boring too. I mean, there are only so many times in a day I can read “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” before I feel like I’m going to lose my mind

But the house has to get clean too. My husband is a good modern husband and does much of the housework. But on days like today, when I’m home with my son on my somewhat unusual weekend (I work Tuesday-Saturday), it falls on me to clean as much as possible before the work week starts up again.

It’s amazing what a clean house can do for one’s attitude. I feel so much better when the counters are clean, the dishes are put away and the rug is vacuumed. The simple fact of a clean home makes it such much more enjoyable to spend time in. When I look around and there’s clutter, it stresses me out. And it seems like there’s always some clutter. We live in a small house and it seems like no matter how many systems of sorting I try, there’s always a pile of paper on the table. Argh. Someday I will overcome the clutter!

It’s also amazing how a clean house can help a person overlook the fact that parts of said house are less than lovely to begin with. Exhibit A: the counters in our kitchen. I don’t know who ever thought snakeskin crossed with fake granite would make a nice combination. I mean seriously, they’re the most astoundingly ugly countertops I’ve ever seen. And even better? The floors are the SAME. Same material. On the floor and the counters. Matchy matchy hideousness like you wouldn’t believe.

CountersI mean, blind people have better taste in countertops. Much better. And that wooden lip? Also known as the crumb hoarder. You’re looking at my entire countertop real estate, except for about two more feet on the other side of the sink. Sigh…

So I take solace in the fact that even though they’re the most fugly countertops known to man, at least they’re currently clean countertops. Someday I’ll overcome clutter. And someday I’ll have my own house. Without snakeskin/faux granite counter tops. Can’t wait.

Updated to add a picture of my dream home:

Dream housevia

Can you see me drooling?


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