Just finished a very quick little crochet project: a scarf for my son. I was a bit worried he wouldn’t like it, but he put it on today without prompting and seemed to enjoy wearing it for a walk we went on this afternoon. It’s been quite warm here (well, warm for Montana in the winter) in the mid-40s, but that’s still scarf weather in my book. We ditch the scarves, hats and coats when the temperatures hit mid-50s or so.

I used German-made Schoppel Wolle Ambient variegated yarn. It’s absolutely delightful yarn. I think it may be my new favorite, actually. If only it weren’t so expensive. $9.50 for a 50g ball, which isn’t much. Enough for a little scarf for a little boy. I guess the yarn is somewhat felted, which accounts for the soft, non-pilling way it feels. It’s machine washable (while there is so much lovely yarn out there… anything I make for a child will be with super wash yarn) and it sure feels durable. I have two balls of it left, and I plan to make my son a matching hat.

Peanut's scarf

Here’s a closeup of the yarn while I was crocheting it. I used a linen stitch, which is very, very easy and mimics the look of knitting. Just chain an even number, work a single crochet into the third chain from the hook (I used a G hook), then chain one, skipping one, single crochet. And so on. When you turn the work, chain two, then work a single crochet into the chain- one chain space. Chain one, single crochet in the chain space. And so on. Easy peasy. Worked up exceedingly fast while I watched a few episodes from season one of Sex and the City. I love that show. Makes me want to be single in New York City. Well at least for a minute or two. Then I remember how much I love my boys and Montana and I decide to just live vicariously through Carrie Bradshaw and her girlies.

Up on the aliceThis afternoon we went on a walk on the top of the hill. It was very sunny and clear and we could see five mountain ranges from the summit. A special pleasure it is, too, wearing the work of one’s hands. And seeing others wear and enjoy it as well! What a lovely day it was!



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