It took me about 26 years to figure out that my hobby of choice on cold winter nights when the wind howls outside and my over-active imagination creates spooky tales of trees falling on our house in my head is of the fiber art variety. For years I’ve been a quilter or done embroidery, and while I still enjoy those crafts, I far prefer knitting and crocheting.

I think I’ve learned to knit half a dozen times, but it didn’t stick until I started making my husband a pair of socks late last year (one sock is finished… Need to finish its mate!). I’ve learned to crochet twice, and it stuck the second time like glue. And while crochet and I were best buds for two years, knitting and I are getting on exceptionally well these days.

I’m not the sort of person who sits still well. I guess this is why being a journalist is a good profession for me – I get paid to scribble notes while someone talks at me. Knitting and crocheting are good hobbies for me because my hands are focused on something even if the rest of me isn’t. Plus, it’s a hobby that comes with the added bonus if something useful at the end.

But that’s enough about why I knit, here’s what I finished up Saturday night (while watching Anne of Green Gables… I live such a thrilling life):

Sweet hatThis hat is made from Cascade EcoDuo in “zebra” and I don’t remember what the other yarn is… Sorry. They’re both very soft, and while lightweight so the hat won’t be super warm, it will be a nice hat for chilly fall and spring days.

I’ll be sharing more “makes” as they happen! What are you creating these days? Are you as yarn addicted as I am?


One thought on “Stitchery

  1. I haven’t had the patience to sit down and learn something like knitting or crocheting, but I love it when people do. My sister knitted me an infinity scarf for Christmas and I treasure it so much.

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