Yesterday afternoon I had some comp time from work, so my husband and I spent time in the kitchen making delicious food for some of our favorite people. Half of the couple is moving at the end of the week to another state for a job, and while the other half will be here another year, we know that year will go by quickly and then who knows when we’ll see them again?

We both really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. This time, though, we stuck with the tried and true recipes. We made chocolate chip cookies (my secret is in addition to the 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, I add 2 teaspoons of almond extract), homemade dinner rolls and beef stew. Simple, hardy, winter food, and always delicious.

Cookie dough

There’s something holy in the act of making food for other people. The measuring of ingredients, the mixing of the flour and sugar and eggs together, the rising heat in the kitchen while the oven bakes away. There’s the delightful smell of mushrooms and onions sauteing in butter. The hiss of wine hitting the hot Dutch oven and the steam it flings into the air. Snitching a bite of the cookie dough, the sugar granules crackling between one’s teeth. The rhythm of bread dough as you knead it – flip it over, press press, flip it over, press press.


Few things are more delightful than tucking into a good meal with good people. And wine. Lots of wine.


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